Dedicated to smashing the negative, ageist stereotypes that many people have about seniors, Allegro Presents the 2016 Growing Bolder Awards honored the power and possibility of aging.

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There was nothing OLD and everything BOLD about the Growing Bolder Awards, the first ceremony of its kind in Central Florida. We shined the spotlight on local seniors who, as valuable members of our community, are pursuing their passions and living lives of purpose while making a difference in the lives of others.

What People Are Saying:

Absolutely fantastic event. Loving the energy, the format and the ability to inspire individuals to live bolder!

One of the best we have attended...we were all raving. Please put us on the list for next year.

This was hands down, THE best event I've ever attended.

It was absolutely inspiring! It was so uplifting. I was moved to tears at a few moments, from joy and laughter! Many thanks to you guys.

Blowing aging stereotypes out of the water!

I just wanted to tell you that the awards ceremony ...was one of the most amazing, uplifting programs I have ever attended. I have told so many people about Growing Bolder and the positive approaches you take to everything!  

What an amazing award ceremony you all put together. Growing Bolder rocks at showing us how to age!

Meet the Winners of the 2016 Growing Bolder Awards:


In celebration of Full Sail’s executive leadership team, staff, faculty and students and their commitment to our community.

Jay Noble


Lana is a resident of Calvary Towers, a two-time cancer survivor who knows every resident's name and is responsible for multiple community enhancements including a resident garden, computer lab, and a pool table.

Lana Forsyth


Bobbe teaches "The Many Faces of Humor” class at the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning and is consulting editor and contributor to the national humor newsletter, The Joyful Noiseletter. She’s also a professional counselor and an in-demand speaker who inspires everyone with her gift of positivity.

Bobbe Lyon


Carol suffered an industrial accident early in her career that led to advancing disability but that has never stopped nor even slowed her. She’s a painter, a clarinet player and has created a unique Genealogy Mentoring Program for older adults. And she’s opened her home for a teenage rehabilitation program, and to care for others in need.

Carol Mead


Joe and Janet Johnston have been selfless mentors to generations of local youth. He’s a former Apopka High School coach and teacher and she’s a former teacher. Both are now world-ranked pole-vaulters. They have the area’s only private pole-vaulting pit in their backyard and welcome anyone, of any age, to come and learn at no cost -- and not just the skill of pole vaulting but also the importance of dedication and persistence.

Joe & Janet Johnston


Marci studied at the actual Cordon Bleu, teaches classes for the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning and owns Truffles & Trifles in College Park –an iconic Central Florida cooking school that has been named one of the top 5 cooking schools in America for fun. And it’s not all been easy – she bounced back from a debilitating car accident after which doctors said she would never walk again.

Marci Arthur


Katie is an avid paddler and Founder of Friends of the Wekiva. She and her late husband owned Katie's Landing which was bought by the state and is now a well-known State Park.  At 91, she not only still leads kayaking river adventures, she’s an active advocate for protecting our environment.

Katie Moncrief


As a volunteer for the nationally renowned Thriving In Place program of the Celebration Foundation, Jim is a goodwill ambassador, hugger, coffee maker, food server, and most importantly a valued friend, encourager and comforter to all. His kindhearted nature and heartfelt concern for the well being of others touches and inspires those he serves daily.

Jim Bates-Withers


Barbara volunteers with the after school program CATCH Healthy Habits coordinated through The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning. She also works with young students teaching nutrition and wellness and she leads playground games, teaches water aerobics at the Crosby YMCA and leads a knitting group.

Barbara Reuter


Dr. Hicks is an Air Force Chaplain, the former Deputy Director of the Civil Air Patrol, the author of eleven books and a consultant on mass casualty events. He served with Orlando area Law Enforcement in response to the Pulse shooting, counseling first responders and families. He’s travels the world consulting with military facing the moral conflict of war and its impact on soldiers and their families.

Dr. Robert Hicks

A member of the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame, Robert has supported 7 children at one time in the Guardian ad Litem Program in Seminole. He’s a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, a student mentor in the Valencia Promise Take Stock in Children Program, and mentors in the Marriage Preparation class at Northland Church.

A member of the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame, Robert has supported 7 children at one time in the Guardian ad Litem Program in Seminole. He’s a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, a student mentor in the Valencia Promise Take Stock in Children Program, and mentors in the Marriage Preparation class at Northland Church.

Robert Emrick


After 22 years of clinical and management experience in aging, Sheila “retired” but saw a need and filled it, co-founding Pine Hills Seniors to provide stimulating activities and socialization opportunities for those in her community. At 77 years old, she embodies the motto of Pine Hills Seniors, ‘We Share Because We Care.

Sheila Belle


31 years ago, Tony was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given two years to live. Since then he’s survived multiple bouts with 6 different types of cancer, and 21 different surgeries. At the same time, he’s completed 296 triathlons and at the age of 77 he’s on target to complete a triathlon for every birthday in his 70's. He also started his own annual event to benefit American Cancer Society research programs.

Tony Handler


After retiring from a thirty-six-year career as a physician, educator, and researcher, Will indulged his lifetime love of theater by taking a playwriting course. Since taking that course, he has written 21 plays including multiple award winners. And at age 66, he’s returned to the classroom --- this time to teach playwriting to other adult learners.

Will Newkirk


Mary is a member of the VCI Cyber-Seniors program that connects young adults with senior citizens anxious to learn basic computer skills. Her tenacity and refusal to give up when faced with new computer challenges is legendary. While she’s the one who is supposed to be learning, she’s constantly teaching her young mentors that we are all never too old to tackle new challenges.

Mary Dickson


Entering his 60th year as a pastor, Reverend Larson is a stereotype smashing innovator, a preacher, a poet, a global mission leader, a keynote speaker, and a mentor to young church leaders. One of his real passions is preaching in local senior retirement communities helping his peers Growing Bolder spiritually.

Rev. Arthur Larson


Marilyn is a lifelong political activist who at 88 is a regular speaker at schools and civic groups where she encourages participation in the political process. She serves on the Planning Commission in her hometown, volunteers in intercity programs, hosts gatherings in her home to discuss current events and is an accomplished competitive bridge player.

Marilyn Matia

Roselio is 102 years old and too busy enjoying today to worry about tomorrow. He’s been a vegetarian for over 40 years, walks, rides his stationary bike, still has a driver’s license, reads daily, researches on the internet, is active in his church, loves his family and marvels in the beauty of life’s simplest pleasures.

Roselio Muniz


Carl is a 71-year-old world record holding skydiver who suffered a serious accident on landing earlier this year. After several setbacks, doctors amputated the lower half of his right leg. Within weeks, he was not only learning to walk again but was back in the air skydiving and part of a world record formation at Skydive DeLand.

Carl Daugherty


Dr. Ford is a groundbreaking visionary who founded the nurse practitioner movement, transforming the healthcare system worldwide. She’s been named a Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing and has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. At 96 years old, she still publishes, maintains a rigorous schedule of public speaking, and advocates for full deployment of nurse practitioners throughout the world, across the lifespan.

Dr. Loretta Ford

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